Welcome to Imaginal

Inspiring new patterns of being for a more balanced world through awareness and imagination.

The Vision

"Inspiring evolution through connection, self-regulation and imagination."

The Mission

The Story of Imaginal Cells

The story of Imaginal cells begins with the life cycle of a caterpillar. During its time in the chrysalis, the once dormant Imaginal cells start to awaken and become active. These cells carry the genetic blueprint of the butterfly that the caterpillar will transform into.

Although there is only a few Imaginal cells to begin with, they persevere in their mission to facilitate the caterpillar's metamorphosis and realise its fullest potential. These cells begin to replicate and communicate with each other, sending signals that trigger the transformation process in the surrounding cells.

As the Imaginal cells continue to multiply and spread their influence, the other cells begin to follow suit, and eventually, a tipping point is reached. The caterpillar undergoes a dramatic evolution, and a butterfly is born.

How does this relate to our vision?

The story of Imaginal cells is a powerful metaphor for transformation and the potential for growth and change that exists within all of us. It demonstrates how even in the face of adversity and opposition, a small group of dedicated individuals can inspire and effect change on a larger scale. We believe in the power of ‘Imaginal’ consciousness, and if we persevere in our commitment to individual and collective transformation, we can have a powerful effect on those around us and shape our human destiny.

Why is this important?

We are at a critical time in our planet's story. She needs us to show up in the full embodiment of our gifts and devotion, offering ourselves in service back to the Web of Life. We’ve forgotten our true nature and how to be a beneficial presence in our greater eco-system in which we inhabit. There is an illusion that we are separate from nature and consequently we have mistreated our earth and all it’s beings.

The antidote is to journey into our inner worlds to discover our own true nature, to regulate our nervous systems, to know thyself so that we can clear out the old patterns and consciously select the new. When we do this we reignite our awe, feel into our purpose, our service and make a difference. This space is for the Benevolent Leaders of today to show up in a way that is beneficial to all living beings and actively participate in the evolution of our collective consciousness.

Two ways to be part of the journey

1. Join the Kaleidoscope Membership

A group of butterflies is called a Kaleidoscope. A Kaleidoscope is defined as a constantly changing pattern or sequence of elements. So we're calling all who wish to transform to come together to create a Kaleidoscope so we can change the patterns within and without & show up better in and for this world.

What it includes:

  • Monthly Live from the Kaleidoscope session: which will alternate each month, the purpose of these sessions are to:
    • Kaleidoscope Practice: Create patterns of stillness, anchoring and nervous system regulation through embodied group practice.
    • Live from the Kaleidoscope Conversation: Inspire new patterns of living and being to create more harmony in this world. This online podcast will be hosted by Nat Kelley with an array of inspirational guests to spark imaginal consciousness and transformation with new and ancient ways.
  • Bimonthly Community Gathering: A chance for us to come together with ideas and revelations.
  • New Moon Ceremony: Our monthly check-in to set intentions for the cycle ahead. This powerful ritual allow us to align to our highest visions of ourselves with the support of community. 
  • Full Moon Gathering: Bimonthly we come together to celebrate with one another - a chance for us to come together with ideas and revelations. Song Circles, Movement Activations & Group Divination Readings.
  • Monthly Communitea: Online social gathering where you can get to know the family of members.
  • The Library: Our extensive collection of over 200 hours of on-demand workshops that explore practices to support self discovery, spirituality and transformation.
  • Community: A nourishing community with the opportunity to create new friendships and access the many teachers, artists and expanders to help guide and inspire you on your journey.
  • Book Club & Collections: You will also gain access to our book club, past ceremony and divination readings and our music collection.
  • Family Benefits: Exclusive membership access to Quests and Courses, and discounts with our aligned conscious partners.

We are offering a sliding scale membership to support all needs. Our top scale allows you to give back & fund one persons membership. Let’s transform together.

2. Join our Courses & Quests

Join the waitlist for the Quest to Remember & Rebirth for when it becomes an evergreen journey via our website - www.imaginal.com.au/imagine

The Tree of Life course is now available at https://imaginal.com.au/treeoflife